Instant Casino

Whenever you’re ready to play, the Vegas Rush Casino is ready to welcome you. With games cropping up in all your favorite categories, it has never been easier than this to get started with games on all topics. From blackjack one moment to your favorite slot game the next, switching from one to the other is a great experience at Vegas Rush Casino.

What does instant play mean?

To us, it means a quick way to load your top games and to get started placing some bets. You can also try games in our instant play casino, giving you the chance to explore the potential that may lie untapped – for you, at least.

Instant play games work by using the power of your browser – from Firefox to Chrome. It’s your choice, but when you select a game to play, it’ll be ready for you in just a few seconds. The loading screen usually tells you a little about the game you’ll play too, so even that short time gives you an exciting look at the game to come.

Vegas Rush Casino – instant action, instant access, instant entertainment

It’s all instantly available, as you can see! Vegas Rush delivers all the best casino games in town today. You’re never asked to download any software, because we know most players love the quickest way to play, and that’s the way we like things too.

Betsoft games as you like to see them

Vegas Rush Casino is powered by Betsoft Gaming, giving you the potential to try any or all their games as you see fit. This is your opportunity to get a quick slice of the action whenever you’re ready for it.